Personalised Light Box- Infographic

Ideal for those who are not impressed by the excessive demonstration of unnecessary verbiage

Price per package: €200.00

Cut the verbosity with this infographic! Say a lot about a person, with as few words as possible.
Name, location, family, pets, hobbies and interests... get the lowdown all in one infographic, uniquely designed for you by our team of in-house graphic designers. All you have to do is fill in the personalisation fields, tell us which of our 6 attractive colour schemes you like the most, and we'll do the rest!
Your one of a kind design will be printed onto a special A4 acetate slide, and lit up with our light box, making it into a super cool piece of home decor. Each light box has LED strip lights inside, and comes with a 2 metre USB cable. Plug it into a USB port, or use with a USB/plug adapter (not included).

About The Product
I thought I'd diode and gone to heaven!
Striking lighting
Light box and personalised acetate print included
You will be able to remove your acetate print from your light box and replace it with other prints if you wish.
Choice of 6 different colour schemes; Pastel, Blossom, Rosewood, Oasis, Cloudy, Plum
Will be customised with your recipient's name, 4-7 places they have visited, date of birth, hobbies, how they spend their weekends, shoe size, household members (maximum 6), and a map with their hometown highlighted with a heart (UK only)
Light box is free-standing
For use with USB cable, included
USB cable measures approx. 2 metres
Can be used with USB/plug adapter, not included
A4 size
Light box is approx. 7 cm deep
On/off switch


What Do You Get?

  • 1 x Personalised Light Box
  • 1 x USB cable (approx. 2 metres long)
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