Deadpool Outfit Onesie

What a "great merchandise opportunity" this is after all the blood, sweat and tears, not to mention bullet holes, Deadpool put into his murders, ahem, getting the bad guys. He deserves everything he can get after all he's been through, don't you think?

Price per package: €96.60

Now you can be super awesome like your favourite Marvel anti-hero and get comfy in this Deadpool outfit that is a onesie like no other.

Made in red (so the blood doesn't show), this onesie is the one to buy for the Deadpool fanatic and for those who somehow always get blood on their shirts whilst they are chillaxing after a long hard day at work. From what... who knows?

It is made from cotton and polyester which is far better than tight spandex. This way, instead of getting their lumps and bumps all squished - not the most comfortable feeling - the Deadpool wannabe can completely relax and play superhero from the comfort of their couch. It is the number one outfit they need to watch any Marvel movie, especially the one who stars the sarky, handsome, devilish hero/murderer, Deadpool.

They'll be cracking Canadian jokes in no time! However, they won't be Ryan Reynolds any time soon...

About Deadpool Outfit Onesie

  • Get the anti-hero experience with this Deadpool outfit.
  • Hooded for ultimate comfort and masking their true identity.
  • Official Marvel Merchandise.
  • Made from cotton and polyester.
  • Elasticated ankle and wrist cuffs.
  • Machine washable at 30.
  • Adult Large Size.
  • Measures 163 cm in length; 116 cm across the chest; 120 at the waist; 80 at inner seam.

What's in the bag/box/etc?

  • 1 x Deadpool Outfit Onesie.
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