100 Places Scratch Off Bucket List

With 100 spectacular places to explore, this scratch off bucket list is the perfect gift for the ultimate travel junkie! Scratch off each place as you visit and watch your bucket list come to life with an array of lovely images that represent all the wonderful places you’ve been.

Price per package: €65.00

This fabulous bucket list compiles all of the most ‘must-see’ destinations from all over the world. So, if you want to go travelling but aren’t sure where to start, this bucket list will set you off in the right direction. Whether you want to boast about all the places you’ve been, or simply keep a personal record for yourself, this poster is the perfect way to display all of your traveling adventures.

From the Galapagos islands to the statue of liberty, our world is filled with so many amazing places, so why not get out there and start exploring? Scratch each one off as you go along and hang this stunning poster on your wall for a lovely keepsake of all your travels!

About This Product

  • Compiled of 100 ‘must-see’ destinations
  • The ultimate bucket list of places
  • Scratch each place off as soon as you’ve been there
  • Perfect for anyone who loves travelling
  • Hang it on the wall for a record of all your travelling adventures

What do you get?

  • 1 x 100 Places Scratch Off Bucket List
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